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The Ultimate Guides To The Mat Free "Teddy Bear Doodle" Coat and DIY Complete Goldendoodle Grooming

Your puppy too can have the Teddybear look you were wishing for as well as save money along the way. Key to success is to do proper daily comb outs. These guides are the result of combining extensive research and my personal findings. I created them hoping that new doodle owners would be better prepared than I was; to avoid the common shave down of the precious puppy coat due to matting.


A MATTED doodle coat will end up in a SHAVED coat.

Shaving can greatly damage the coat and remove all health benefits the coat provides including insulation from the heat.

These video guides are intended to alleviate the frustration between breeders, groomers and owners because of matting issues

  • You Will Learn How to Avoid a Matted and Shaved Puppy coat.
  • You will Learn My Comb Out Routine To Keep Your Puppy's Coat Mat Free
  • You will Learn How to Prepare for Bath
  • You will Learn How to Bathe and Blow Dry The Coat
  • You will Learn How to Clean Ears and Help Prevent Common Ear Infection
  • You will Learn How to do Dental Clean and Tartar Removal
  • You Will Learn How to Trim the Head, Nails, Tail, and Privates
  • You will learn How to Trim Body Using Thinning Shears to Keep the Natural Coat Intact (**Not Body Clipping**)
  • You will Get a List & Links to All Tools and Products I Use on My Own Puppies

The Information Provided In These Video Guides Can Be Applied To All long hair breeds such as doodles, Poodles, Collies, Yorkshire Terriers, etc.