Hi, we are Mia and Milo, F1 mini golden doodles,
Five years ago Mom and Pop brought us into the most wonderful, caring home and we could not have asked for a better place to live!
However, something very unusual happened to us. To this day, humans keep coming up to us, asking: “What breed are you two?” “How did your coats turned out so beautiful and long?” “How come, you two look so different from other doodles around?” “Why is MY doodle's coat curly and wiry?” Well, Mom has explained the reasons over and over, and typically people end up saying: “I wish I would have known!” “My puppy got shaved before the age of 1 and the coat hasn’t been the same since!”
Finally, Mom decided that it was time to help out inexperienced, new doodle puppy owners learn the do’s and don’ts, correct tools, products and technique to achieve the long free falling teddy bear coat. With hard work, she put together comprehensive guides, making sure, novice puppy owners can succeed! Mom is aware that most doodle puppy owners would hate to see their puppy shaved and she hopes her efforts will make a difference in the doodle world…

Coat Maintenance Guide Between Groomer Visits
This purchase includes:

1. Step by Step Comb Out Video (Instant Access)

2. A written guide with links to purchase tools and products, benefits, do's and don'ts, key steps

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Complete Home Grooming Video Guide

This purchase includes:

The above Coat Maintance Guide Between Groomer Visits and a collection of 11 videos (instant Access)

1. Step by Step Comb Out (Coat Maintenance Video Guide)

2. Bath

3. Prepare for blowdry 1

4. Prepare for blowdry 2

5. Blowdry

6. Head Only Bath

7. Head Trim

8. Body Trim

9. Paws/Tail/Privates Trim

10. Ear Cleaning

11. Dental Clean including Tarter Removal

12. Nail Trim

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