Hi, we are Mia and Milo, F1 mini Golden Doodles. We were bred from an English Cream Golden Retriever and a Chocolate Toy Poodle. Our journey has been quite unique to say the least. As we grew, our coats kept growing...pretty soon we turned into these fluff balls with coats that no one has ever seen before!
People to this day, approach us in awe with the same questions: What breed are you two? How come our doodle's coat does not look like that? Why is ours curly and wiry? It made us realize there is a huge need to educate new doodle owners about proper coat care. And it starts at Day One! Repeated shaving or clipping to less than 2" will often result in a wiry, harder to manage coat.
The challenge is getting the proper information to new puppy owners, wanting the long, free falling, plush coat. We decided to launch this website where our guides can be purchased for a small fee. We provide a complete, detailed course that allows a puppy owner to learn the techniques for the maintenance of the coat between groomer visits or how to fully home groom a doodle.
If you are willing to put in the time, you will be rewarded with:
- a beautiful, authentic doodle coat, unique to it's DNA
- less to almost no grooming cost
- health benefits (insulation from heat and cold, avoid sunburns, reduce skin allergies
- quality time with your dog
- less or no trips to the groomer

Complete Home Grooming Video Guide

This purchase includes:

The above Coat Maintance Guide Between Groomer Visits and a collection of 11 videos (instant Access)

1. Step by Step Comb Out (Coat Maintenance Video Guide)

2. Bath

3. Prepare for blowdry 1

4. Prepare for blowdry 2

5. Blowdry

6. Head Only Bath

7. Head Trim

8. Body Trim

9. Paws/Tail/Privates Trim

10. Ear Cleaning

11. Dental Clean including Tarter Removal

12. Nail Trim

Buy Now $14.99!

Coat Maintenance Guide Between Groomer Visits
This purchase includes:

1. Step by Step Comb Out Video (Instant Access)

2. A written guide with links to purchase tools and products, benefits, do's and don'ts, key steps

Buy Now $10.99!